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20: MS Thesis: Mathematical Modelling of Electrochemical Hydrogen Compressors, Cemil Kuzu, 2021 Present


19: MS Thesis: Preparation and Performance Investigation of High Efficient Catalyst for High Temperature Electrochemical Hydrogen Separation, İlay Bilge Bal, 2021-Present

18: PhD Thesis: Development of High-Performance Electrochemical Hydrogen Compressor Through Theoretical and Experimental Studies, Gizem Nur Bulanık Durmuş, 2019-Present.

17: PhD Thesis: “Development of platinum-containing electrocatalysts supported on Hybrid Material for PEM Fuel Cells”, Ahmed Yaseen Al-Janabi, 2019-Present.

16: PhD Thesis: “Development of a Composite Materials Based Fuel Cell through Modeling and Experimental Studies”, Güvenç Umur Alpaydın, 2017-2021.

15: Duygu Kemeriz, Modelling and Optimization of an PEM Fuel Cell Based Hybrid Renewable Energy System, 2020-2022.

14: Frederick Can Troster, Modelling at a Solar Dish Stirling System Based Hydrogen Production, 2020-Present

13: MS Thesis: “Investigation of Hydrogen Production from Sodium Boron Hydride Hydrolysis with Supported Metal Catalyst”, Tuqa Majeed Hameed Al-Msrhad, 2019-2021.

12: MS Thesis: “Development of High-Performance Composite Membrane for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell”, Dedar Emad Hussin, 2018-2021.

11: MS Thesis: Development of Non-Noble (Co-N/MWCNT) and Polybenzimidazole Modified (Pt-PBI/MWCNT) Electrocatalysts for High-Temperature PEM Fuel Cell Applications, Enes Oğuzhan Eren, 2017-2020.

10: MS Thesis: “Development of High-Performance Bimetallic Catalysts for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell” Mogdam Gassy Hu Al-Tememy, 2018-2020.

9: MS Thesis: “Design and Optimization of Solar Based Hybrid Power System”, Ceren Ceylan, 2018- 2020.

8: MS Thesis: “Design Manufacturing and Testing of High-performance proton Exchange Membrane Fuel cell stack”, Yağmur Budak, 2017-2019.

7: MS Thesis: “Investigation of Contact Pressure of PEM Fuel Cell”, Arife Sağlam, 2017-2019.

6: MS Thesis: “Design and Development of High Temperature PEM Fuel Cell Flow Channel”, Celal Yılmaz, 2016-2018.

5: MS Thesis: “Modeling and Simulation of High Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Based Cogeneration Systems”, Yağmur Nalbant, 2016-2018.

4: MS Thesis: “Development and Characterization of PBI Composite and Crosslinked Membranes for High Temperature PEM Fuel Cell Applications”, Yağmur Özdemir, 2015–2019.

3: MS Thesis: “Investigation of Temperature Profile in High Temperature PEM Fuel Cell”, Dilara Gülçin Çağlayan, 2014–2016.

2: MS Thesis: “Modelling a High Temperature PEM Fuel Cell”, Berna Sezgin, 2014–2016.

1: MS Thesis: “Development of Self-Humidifying Membrane Electrode Assembly for PEM Fuel Cell”, Umut Baki Çaçan, 2013–2015.

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